Equine and Canine physiotherapy
for performance, maintenance and rehabilitation

Physiotherapy uses non-evasive hands-on techniques, exercise programmes and rehabilitation to restore, maintain and enhance ‘normal’ soft tissue and joint function which may suffer as a result of post exercise soreness, trauma or surgery.

How can physiotherapy help my animal?
By assessing your animal’s entire musculo-skeletal system, a physiotherapist will be able to identify areas of pain and stiffness. Physiotherapy can help by enhancing joint mobility and muscle tone aiding in the prevention of protective, compensating gait patterns. All animals also benefit from the ‘feel good factor’ which physiotherapeutic massage and manipulation provides. As with human athletes, animals also benefit hugely from pre and post-performance physiotherapy to optimise their physical potential and avoid injury.

Post-operative physiotherapy and conservative management of chronic conditions (such as arthritis), using tailor made programmes, can improve their comfort and well-being giving your animal a happy lifestyle for longer than would otherwise have been expected.

It is very important to understand, that a physiotherapist cannot diagnose illness, injury or lameness in your animal and by law can only treat your animal on a veterinary referral. This is simple to arrange on part of your physiotherapist. In accordance to the Veterinary act 1966, it is a requirement that a physiotherapist undertaking treatment on your animal has veterinary consent prior to starting.

Your physiotherapist is here to provide you with a service and work alongside other industry professionals and you the owner, to offer your animal the best possible care and ultimately enhance the wellbeing of your animal.

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