Claire Campbell

Your Physiotherapist

Growing up as a horse mad child in the outbacks of Hampshire, my natural path in life lead towards a veterinary orientated profession.

Unfortunately, despite obtaining high grades at GCSE and A-Levels, I missed out on a place in veterinary school, but instead was offered to study Veterinary Anatomy at the University of Bristol.

This degree covered intimately the anatomy and physiology of a range of mammals, equine locomotion and biomechanics, the in-depth workings of muscle and bone tissue amongst other related modules. My final year was spent based at the veterinary school in Langford researching the effectiveness of the drugs we use in horse wormers. My findings were published the following year by Gerald Coles.

I graduated with honours in 2007 and spent the remainder of that year working at various horse yards in a variety of disciplines before settling into an assistant manager position in a racing stud/rehabilitation yard. It was here that I learnt how satisfying and rewarding it was to see ‘broken’ horses return to a comfortable state, become sound again, and go on to live a normal and very successful lives. Physiotherapy for animals wasn’t something I was initially familiar with and it soon became a great interest.

Subsequently, I applied to the College of Animal Physiotherapy to embark on a Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and was accepted. This course was a mix between home based theory and practical days in Oxford. Over two years I covered veterinary and therapeutic modules and finished by passing with merit.

Having also worked in health clubs and gyms whilst at college and university, I am also passionate about the fitness industry and often relay my human fitness knowledge to my animal athletes.

I cover a wide area across Surrey Hampshire and Berkshire for physiotherapy sessions and am also able to take on rehabilitation liveries for intensive programmes and therapy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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